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From strategy to implementation

Products & Services

Our range of services extends from green building measures to energy purchasing and sustainable operational management. In concrete terms, this means that we deal with e-mobility and charging stations in buildings, carry out sustainability certifications or set up measures for water conservation and waste disposal, among other things. Sound like a lot? It is! But complex requirements need complex solutions. And that's what we offer with our range of services, helping our customers to measure, optimize and offset CO₂ emissions.


ESG Consulting

Strategy consulting for your path to decarbonization

Data, facts, figures. All things that are essential to assess how your property can be sustainably prepared and optimized for the future. Sustainability is not a gut feeling, but can clearly be measured and calculated: whether in CO₂, euros, kilowatt hours or degrees.

ESG Reporting & Data Management

Knowing where you stand

How is your building performing? Good or bad? To find out, ESG key data must be collected and made reportable in a next step. Ensuring competitiveness and avoiding stranded asset risks – this insight is only possible with clean data sets and up-to-date consumption data. We help you to ensure exactly that.

Multi metering

Smart metering systems for the environment and your wallet

Sustainability and digitization go hand in hand. In the field of metering, this is not only because no one has to be physically on site anymore to read meters by hand, but above all because digitized energy consumption can be recorded, measured, automatically transferred to a central database and then also optimized. This reduces the consumption of resources and saves money.

Energy purchasing & sustainable energy supply

From grey to green

Transparent energy consumption is the key to ensuring optimized building operation. After all, ancillary costs have long ceased to be a minor issue. This is mainly due to the fact that a transparent insight into energy and operating costs allows major savings potentials to be realized – in terms of energy and economy. Achieving CO₂-neutral energy supply and financial savings for our customers – that is our daily business.

Sustainability certificates for your property

Let yourself be measured

Showing what has already been achieved – that is just as important as embarking on the path toward sustainability in the first place. Green building certifications according to nationally and internationally recognized benchmarks are therefore indispensable when it comes to comparability and transparency of buildings. Whether BREEAM, DGNB, LEED or Smart and Wired Score – we support you in making the right certification decision and bring the seal to the facade.

Our approach to sustainability management

ESG is not available off the rack

One thing is clear: Every building that does not have to be newly constructed reduces the burden on the environment. This is precisely why the energy refurbishment of existing properties is so important – because in principle, sustainability management is worthwhile for every property. And this is precisely where we come in for our in-depth analysis of sustainability performance.