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Frankfurt am Main, April 7, 2022

ecowo implements green energy supply for its customers – Westbridge advises

The real estate manager ecowo GmbH together with the Frankfurt ESG specialist Westbridge Advisory (Westbridge) aligns a comprehensive WEG portfolio (639 natural gas delivery points and 2023 electricity delivery points) climate neutral. The optimized portfolio is distributed throughout Germany and is located in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, among other places. In this way, ecowo aims not only to forestall rising energy prices, but also to steer the properties onto the climate path at the same time. As a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, ecowo GmbH is the WEG expert within the group and looks after more than 1,600 owner associations in a fiduciary capacity.

As part of the collaboration, almost 4,300 tons of CO2 were saved in total energy purchases. At the same time, the parties succeeded in bundling the approximately 2,700 supply points for electricity and gas in a long-term framework agreement, thereby securing attractive supply conditions until 2025.
"As property managers, we bear a great responsibility - to the buildings entrusted to us, but above all to the residents. The results that came out of this project not only secure excellent conditions, but also live up to our responsibility for the climate," says Thomas H. Beutner, Managing Director of ecowo GmbH. "We would like to thank Westbridge for the trustful cooperation. We have started successfully with this first project and will negotiate and offer further framework agreements for the benefit of our owner:s - I'm looking forward to that."

After a dedicated data analysis, Westbridge re-bid the supply contracts for electricity and natural gas and implemented new frameworks and process standards together with its client. "In light of geopolitical events, securing long-term energy on good terms is absolutely desirable. It is not uncommon for this issue to become a cost trap. With the new framework agreement, we have succeeded in creating cost security for ecowo's clients for several years," says Christopher Feliks, managing partner of Westbridge Advisory GmbH.