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Frankfurt am Main, February 7, 2022

Argentus and Westbridge join forces

Argentus GmbH and Westbridge Advisory GmbH, both independent companies specializing in sustainability and operating cost optimization of real estate, join forces. The merger creates the leading ESG service provider in the German real estate industry. At the same time, it is the first provider on the market with the capacity and in-depth expertise to advise the entire industry on strategic and operational sustainability issues. The merger of Argentus and Westbridge, in combination with Westbridge's investment agradblue , is a further step to serve the high customer demand in the segment and to support the industry in achieving its sustainability goals.
Westbridge and Argentus create significant synergies: Whether investors, portfolio holders, owners, asset managers or apartment managers - all players within the real estate industry who are planning to convert their properties in line with the future will benefit from a one-stop store in the future, which will combine the complementary expertise of both companies as a result.

"Across Europe, property managers and owners are facing the major challenge of making their portfolios climate-neutral - and we are the right contact for this from A to Z. From energy and operating cost management to all issues related to sustainability and ESG. Through our expertise, we can help make the right decisions, both economically and ecologically," says Christopher Feliks, Managing Partner of Westbridge Advisory GmbH.

Simon Szpyrka, managing partner of Argentus GmbH: "Together we form the perfect team to anchor the so important topic of sustainability in the minds of decision makers. The regulations show it: if you don't jump on the sustainability bandwagon soon, you run the risk of not reaching the finish line."
Managing Director Rüdiger Salzmann: "Simon, my co-founders Christopher and Patrick and I have known each other since our youth and are very much looking forward to working together as a team. Together, our entire team has more than 100 sustainability experts. By joining forces, we are ideally positioned to work on complex problems for our clients across disciplines and implement them successfully. We are able to significantly accelerate the path to decarbonization of our clients' real estate portfolio."

In the future, the operating companies will be led by the managing directors Ralf F. Bode, Hajo Engelke, Christopher Feliks, Patrick Kämpfner, Rüdiger Salzmann, Daniel Schwab, Simon Szpyrka and Sandra Zengerling. Dr. Konrad Jerusalem, founder and managing director of Argentus, will take the merger as an opportunity to withdraw from day-to-day operations. However, he will continue to be available to the company in an advisory capacity.
The CO2 targets formulated by the European Commission cannot be achieved without significant energy changes in the building stock. With this eye-to-eye merger, the market in the field of sustainability consulting and operating cost optimization for the real estate industry is taking a new direction.